Giving Back is our Core Value!

Giving Back is our Core Value!
Giving back to dogs in need is our biggest priority here at Darren and Phillip. Since we started the business back in 2016, we have proudly donated 20% of our profits each and every year to dog shelters all over the world!

A couple of years before the Darren and Phillip brand came to fruition, Jen knew that more needed to be done to support the many dog rescue groups who were desperately trying to give dogs a second chance. So, all the way back in 2014, the annual blueboys  calendar began.
This incredible calendar featured some of the best and sometimes special unseen content from the blueboys Instagram account, and was an absolute hit year in, year out. Due to it’s huge popularity Jen knew she needed to use it as a way to help, which lead to 50% of all calendar purchases being donated to a mix of dog rescue groups! While this iconic calendar, which still sells out every year, had its final print run in 2022, there are doggos on the treat vine suggesting there might be a come back featuring some of the all time favourites! *wink*
Additionally Darren and Phillip run an incredibly successful Christmas appeal each year which lasts around 24 hours and gives supporters all over the world a chance to donate what they can towards dog rescue groups.
Collectively, these initiatives have seen Darren and Phillip be able to donate over $1 million to different dog rescue organisations who in the past have included; Players for Pits, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue, Geelong Animal Rescue, Stafford Rescue Victoria, Project Underdog Rescue and many, many more.

The rescue groups use these funds to save dogs from pounds, pay for costly vet bills, train and feed dogs, and eventually, find dogs a loving home and a second chance at life.

However it must be said it is the supporters, our community, the kind, selfless people who make these donations and everything we do possible. Darren and Phillip could not do this without you. It is YOU that gives a dog in need that second chance they deserve. With every purchase at Darren and Phillip, you are making a difference for rescue dogs all over the world.
You are their hope.

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